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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 14, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> hug your kids today, keep this little girl and her family and your community in your prayers. bill: happy valentine's day, friday, february 14th. at 4:00 am, the search for the missing girl comes to a tragic end in the same neighborhood where she vanished. an unidentified man found dead nearby. police at this hour are trying to piece together the mystery.
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>> if we are going to defeat trump, get working-class people back in the party, get young people more involved. >> reporter: not all democrats feeling the burn. vulnerable lawmakers sounding the alarm on the presidential front-runner. the fallout they fear from a sanders lead tickets. on valentine's day are diamonds a girl's best friend? one dog having trouble following it. heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". we go straight to that fox news alert. a homicide investigation underway in the death of the 6-year-old girl. police discovering the body of
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faith swetnik in the same neighborhood where she vanished was an unidentified man was found dead nearby, same neighborhood. police have not revealed if the deaths are related. vice president mike pence at the time the news broke sharing his condolences and urging prayers for faith's family. >> hug your kids today and keep this little girl in your prayers. heather: these two cars were sitting outside faith's home when she disappeared shortly after getting off a school bus. police have identified the driver of the suv but are searching for the driver, and autopsy for faye is scheduled for tomorrow. the nypd on high alert, a credible threat to assassinate officers.
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ice arresting and ms 13 gang member threatening to attack police in the bronx precinct. police union posting an alleged internal memo, warning on-duty officers to remain vigilant and stay alert after an assassination attempt on two officers in the bronx. the gunman opening fire inside the police station. both injured officers are recovering. iran's president threatening to strike the us and israel if the slightest error is made. the head of the iranian military making that threat at a ceremony for general soleimani who was killed in us drone strike. us officials say washington and israel in charge of countering iran's influence in syria and iraq. tensions rise in the middle east, new video shows the uss
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normandy intercepting 150 missiles and other iranian made weapons in the arabian sea. the pentagon diverging $3.8 billion to secure the southern border. it will be taken from the national guard and weapons project including the vaping 5 fighter jet program. this draws criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. the aclu plans to challenge the funding transfer, that money will pay for 177 miles of wall along the us-mexico border. the attorney general standing his ground amid pending doj investigation into the roger stone case, pushing back on tweets in the department. how the white house is responding. >> it was surprising to say the least, from attorney general
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william barr in the sentencing phase telling the president to cut it out with the tweets. >> time to stop tweeting about the apartment of justice criminal cases, public statements and tweets made about the department make it impossible for me to do my job. >> reporter: the white house standing by the attorney general, issuing a statement saying the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all, to publicly offer his opinions, adding he has full faith and confidence in attorney general william barr to do his job in the poll below. democrats pushing forward with their investigation into attorney general william barr, standing up for the four prosecutors who put the case. >> roger stone lied to congress to protect the president and falls in the guidelines to make recommendations without the president interfering.
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>> reporter: he told geraldo they quit because of political bias. >> i don't think they quit for moral reasons. i think they got caught in the act by me. what am i going to do? sit back, reprimand going to jail for 9 years when murder rates aren't going to jail? the most serious, horrible rapist and everything don't go to jail for nine years. >> reporter: he hasn't made up his mind whether to pardon stone or not as questions are asked relating to the jury for woman, set to be sentenced next thursday. bill: happy valentine's day by the way. democrats panicking over 2020 hopeful bernie sanders and his leaving early voting states, the left fearing his socialist agenda could cost them their seats this november. aishah hasnie joins us with the state of the democratic party. a lot of concerns here. >> reporter: it is so early but
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there are concerns, democrats don't just want to democratic president. they want to keep their seats in congress and are in panic over whether bernie sanders can deliver. >> it could be challenging in parts of the country that we have to win to win the presidency and when a majority of the senate. we should be running on an agenda that can get us 55 votes in the senate. >> reporter: another anonymous freshman democrat from a swing district told us it is bad. we are having conversations how to deal with this. even aoc admits her guy might have to compromise on policies like medicare for all. a president can't wave a magic wand and pass any legislation they want. worst-case scenario we compromise deeply and end of getting a public option. the chatter about bernie gets louder, nancy pelosi once again trying to shush her party.
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>>:cool and collected. just because some people may not like one candidate or another that is politics. it is a messy business. >> reporter: sanders says he is here to fight the republicans and the democratic establishment. >> if we are going to defeat trump as we must, we have to get working-class people back into the democratic party, get young people more involved. >> reporter: senator sanders these 1991 delegates to secure the nomination. right now he has only 21. one less then mayor pete. we are a long way off. >> reporter: biden predicting he will win south carolina. thank you so much. let's talk about nevada. nevada democrats unveiling plans to prevent a sequel to the caucus catastrophe in iowa.
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loaded with google calculators to count the results that precincts. they will use paper backups if something goes wrong. the state caucuses are saturday february 20 second and once again nevada drops plans to use the same apps that failed in iowa, the democratic party chair resigned as a result in iowa. donald trump virtually guaranteed a victory in nevada but his campaign is celebrating a huge fundraising win, a record-breaking $66 million last month. the are in c and the trump campaign say they raised $525 million since 2019. the campaign manager says the impeachment trial contributed to the overwhelming financial support. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. the senate limiting the president's war powers when it comes to iran.
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>> no president, no president can sidestep congress when it comes to matters of war and peace. >> reporter: the senate just made a big mistake and explains why up next. you know her as a country music superstar but wait until you hear what carrie underwood's son thinks about her job and her age. ♪
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>> bipartisan majority of senators don't want the president waging war without congressional approval. no president can sidestep congress when it comes to matters of war and peace. >> democrats limiting is the senate vote against the president and limited war power abilities but will this move make the country less safe? retired u.s. army general and
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author anthony tata says this is a terrible precedent and joins me to explain why. we appreciate it. let's listen to what mitch mcconnell had to say slamming this war power resolution and i will get your response. >> our colleagues resolution is deeply flawed on a number of levels. i believe it is an effort to broadcast a political message but even that message can be harmful to our troops and our national security. heather: there are eight republicans who disagreed with mitch mcconnell and voted in favor of the war powers resolution but is this a disaster? >> absolutely. your first clip with schumer talking about no president has the authority to do this without congressional approval, obama
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did it 540 times without congressional approval, drone strikes in yemen and somalia where we didn't have declared war and donald trump goes after the number one terrorist, this guy killed hundreds of our 600 plus troops and maimed thousands, these effective ten wounded for every killed, 6000 troops this guy killed with these penetrators and we have a very legitimate target in a combat zone that presents himself and sends a strong message that we are not going to put up with iran as a state sponsor of terror anymore. this message is we don't want donald trump doing this. it weakens us in the eyes of iran for sure.
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heather: soleimani was in iraq at the time and reportedly taking care of because of some planning that was underway to attack more americans. he had done that in the past. the president had been patient because there were several things iran had done to this point. senator mike we was on one of the shows last late and said he voted in favor of the war powers resolution because it was about proper allocation of three branches of government. how do you counter that argument? >> he is handcuffing any president to act against an imminent threat. two days to let congress know, democrats so hate this president they will leak to iran and let soleimani slip out. it will forever impair the
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president's ability to do his or her job and senator lee and the others i have tremendous respect for them but they are playing the democrats game, being duped by the democrats in this is not something they should be a party of. senator mcconnell had it right, a clear political gambit by senator kaine to try to wing donald trump but no one said a word when president obama did his strikes. shannon: there is new talk with the taliban to end the war in afghanistan, the united states's longest war. >> we need to get out and find some modicum of political solution. we have very little vested interest other than to prevent terrorist strikes against the homeland from being planned as they were for the 9/11 attacks near kandahar. keep a small over the horizon
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force that can do surgical strikes, keep the power projection base so we can have a jumping off platform in that region, scale down to a small minimal force that can do surgical strikes and provide the logistics for it. shannon: thank you for joining us, great to speak with you, have a great weekend. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. nightmare at 35,000 feet. a passenger recording as the man behind her continuously punches her seat. the action she is now taking. >> we are not breaking up. >> you are not? >> know. >> breaking up is hard to do. the population shift question and you will be surprised. carly is here with that and more.
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and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. >> troubling update, the fifteenth coronavirus case is confirmed in the us, the patient is one of the us travelers evacuated from china. the cdc says the person is under a two week quarantine. the white house slamming china's lack of transparency on the deadly virus after a surge in new cases. the cdc warning the virus could stick around beyond this year. china reporting 121 new deaths, 5000 cases in the last 24 hours. the massive wildfires finally
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contained in new south wales, australia. a week of heavy rain helps crew plastic thing was the dangerous fires, officials say they are focusing on cleaning up damaged recovery efforts. the fires have destroyed 13 million acres in new south wales, the biggest state in australia. donald trump junior reaches out to a teenager attack for being a conservative, he was slapped in the face at a new hampshire polling site because he was wearing a make america great again hat. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the online reaction. >> reporter: there has been a string of attacks against
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conservatives, donald trump junior, a leftist attacks three trump supporters including a 15-year-old child in new hampshire this week. last week a deranged leftist attempted to run over a group of trump supporters with the car in florida. what will it take for the mainstream media to call out left-wing violence but then posted this. it turns out i actually met the 15-year-old victim shortly before he was attacked by a leftist. i asked him to find his number and got off the phone with him and his mother. for being such strong supporters my family has your back. police arresting patrick bradley for allegedly assaulting the 15-year-old in two others. social media flooded with reaction, christopher says it is another reason we love you and your family. you made it twice in one week, god bless you all, james saying see if you can get the young man a tour of the white house, meet the young man in charge of the oval office. i bet that would make his day.
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the 60-year-old is struggling. >> a lot of navy seals jumping in as well. shannon: maybe that will make it better. >> i think it would. let's talk about carrie underwood and her son, thinks she is 70 years old. >> carrie underwood posted this question, her 4-year-old sun filled out about her. he thinks carrie underwood is 70 years old and also mom's job is to wash the laundry. little isaiah thinks she's best at folding the laundry. 500,000 likes on instagram. one person said good to know you are just like the rest of us moms and renée said it doesn't matter how famous you are, your
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kids know what is really up. obviously he has watched her do the laundry and doing a lot of household chores. >> i want to know her secret. let's talk about google. it is valentines weekend at the most googled relationship question. >> google released each state's most googled relationship question and it was pretty dismal because the most searched question, how to break up. nine states coming up with am i in love which also is questionable, a good or bad question, how to text back, how to get dates and five states wanted to know that the most. i can answer the question how to break up, not today. >> apparently break up before valentine's day just so they don't have to buy a gift.
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>> i don't think you should be in a relationship. thank you so much. 26 after the top of the hour, socialist bernie sanders talking free healthcare, free college, sounds good but not to our next guest, he lives in venezuela. why he calls those promises reckless when he joins us live.
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>> a look at top headlines starting with the fox news alert. a homicide investigation underway, 6-year-old california girl, police discovering the body of they -- say --faye sw t swretnick.
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another unidentified man was found in the same neighborhood. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. donald trump expected to veto a resolution limiting his war powers. the senate passing the measure 55-45 after the strike that killed iranian general soleimani. eight republicans voted for the resolution. it heads to the house. the president will hold dozens of agents at the white house. they will celebrate the reelection of brandon judd who is frequently on our show. and the agenda on border security and immigration in 2016. a new red light for illegal immigrants. one senator proposing a bill to cut funding from states giving the drivers licenses as new york governor andrew cuomo, to end the travel program freeze.
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todd pyro looks at the road ahead. good morning good. >> a lot more rhetoric on both sides, on the band from trusted traveler programs, governor cuomo summing up, we believe dhs action was politically motivated and the fbi has information regarding criminal records, go through an extensive federal background check. dhs secretary to the contrary. >> it is not about politics. i have been clear with the governor and many other new york state individuals, cvp needs access to this database to run their security checks on trusted travelers. it is that plain and simple. >> those that enforce the law speaking out, the sheriffs association, our inability under
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the law to share dmv data with federal immigration offices jeopardizes the safety of those officers. republicans like marsha blackburn, introducing legislation that would stop green lighting drivers licenses for illegal aliens by cutting federal money to sanctuary cities. >> to get a government issued taxpayer funded official identification and when you look at what happened after 9/11, a real id act was passed so we would know who is in this country. >> talks over new york law will resume next week. no resolution yet. >> thank you. 2020 contender michael bloomberg launches a brand-new campaign amid blistering criticism on his
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record and former new york city mayor unfailingly for black america promote economic justice to the black community, bloomberg taking heat with controversial remarks on the stop and frisk policy. in 2015 surfaced. >> against the wall. >> bloomberg apologizing during a campaign stop in houston. >> i defended it because i didn't understand the unintended harm it was causing black or brown families and their kids. i should have acted sooner. i didn't. for that i apologize. heather: he can't change history but needs to learn from his mistakes. former vice president joe biden and his wife defending a son
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hunter on the view. >> this is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. a whole range of things. heather: the bidens responding to accusations that hunter used his dad's influence to make millions in business dealings and a new poll published in politico that find majority of voters think hunter biden's dealings with burisma were improper. during the view appearance before a vice president once again admitted he fantasizes about beating up donald trump. between free healthcare, free housing and free college, bernie sanders isn't afraid of making big promises to win in november but could those plans lead the us on a dangerous path? white house advisor and gop congressional candidate matt mauers, joins me with a warning
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we all need to hear. >> really appreciate it. heather: you live in venezuela so you know what socialism is like. tell us about that. >> my dad is a construction worker, one of the hardest guys i have ever known. he moved the family all over the country and all over the world. one of those places was venezuela. this was 1998 just before hugo chavez took power and it was a beautiful country, the wealthiest country in south america and it was 20 years later when i was working in the state department i was in the region leading a humanitarian mission with malicious organizations of the united nations to try to figure out how to provide basic things like food and medication to these people indeed. you have to million people flee venezuela and what is amazing is
1:37 am
those 20 short years, wasn't a natural disaster or war or conflict, simply the failure of socialist ideology which let the people of venezuela down. there was a religious leader i met with, a catholic bishop who said when chavez took over he said we were told we gave him a little bit of our freedom and get x amount of security in return and now we have neither. think about those words and they stick with me every day. heather: you took us through a little bit of the timeline on the rise of socialism in venezuela. we know the poverty rate is 90% but then new hampshire, bernie sanders winning overwhelmingly in a 45.7%, a lot of folks argue pete buttigieg who came in second has a lot of socialist ideas as well even though they are selling him as a moderate. what does that say to you in
1:38 am
terms of democrats and where the party is headed? >> whether it is sanders or buttigieg they are all embracing the same concepts, all following the lead of aoc and the socialist squad. my opponent votes with aoc 95% of the time, representing the state of new hampshire, it is our slogan and state motto and he is voting with crazy socialist ideas. i don't think any of them are doing it because they are bad people, i just don't think they know any better. we have seen this experiment fail before, failed the people of venezuela, failed millions around the world, take venezuela as an example. it led to the average person's loss of 25 pounds per person. people don't have access to food, medicine, because the government took more and more of their freedom.
1:39 am
heather: in terms of some of bernie sanders's proposals, what you are talking about, medicare for all, free college, housing for everyone and it sounds great, a romanticized idea about socialism. >> one of the reasons i am running as i have seen this firsthand traveling around the world, donald trump's state department, i am running against freshman democrats, we are going to keep taking this message out there. you can join us. this is so important that my generation speak out about how socialism has failed so many people around the world and we can embrace american ideals of liberty and freedom not just for the country but those around the globe. heather: thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. a dose of reality for folks, have a good weekend.
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the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. more than a decade after james brown died, brand-new investigation is launched. was the soul singer murdered? a turbulent start to the summer travel season it is only february. the airline the just announced it canceled hundreds of flights a day. ♪ ♪ they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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heather: will come back to "fox and friends first" was a murder investigation could soon open up in the deficit james brown. the district attorney in atlanta revealing new evidence that 15 years after brown died prosecutors say a woman has come forward saying she has evidence the godfather of soul was killed. his official cause of death was a heart attack and fluid in the lungs but many close to brown long said they are suspicious about how it happened.
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a passenger plans to press charges after this. a man behind her continues to punch her seat just for reclining. this video shows the guy hitting the seat over and over and over on an american airlines flight from new orleans to charlotte, north carolina. when she complained passenger claimed the flight attendant reprimanded her and offered the guy a drink. the woman wants the flight attendant fired. american airlines is looking into exactly what happened was apparently he was on the very last seat on the plane so he couldn't recline back. southwest airlines cancels hundreds of flights at the peak of the summer travel season. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness explains why it is a matter of safety.
1:45 am
>> reporter: the second consecutive summer that southwest and those other airlines that fly the boeing 737 max are canceling flights during the summer busy season. the first of the other airlines, american and united say they will be canceling nearly 400 flights daily from june through august 10th. the reason being that thought the flights would be cleared by the faa by early june. doesn't look like that is happening so they are pushing the day back, they are canceling 400 flights a day. if you have already booked your summer travel on a southwest flight perhaps it is cancels was they will notify you, if you don't like that rebooking option you can ask for another option or get your money back even if the ticket is nonrefundable. heather: let's talk about valentine's day. >> reporter: lots of valentine's day deals.
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we have applebee's. they have a february drink of the month for one dollar, might be more in some places. strawberry lemon night is pink, baskin-robbins you can get $3 off of an ice cream cake, burger king. i like this deal, this is only available in new york city, los angeles, san francisco and boston. you have to bring a picture of your ask and they will give you a free whopper for that. chili's, no's southwest grill, other deals, amazon, 800-flowers, they have deals. heather: almost too late on the flowers, get those orders in. thank you so much, appreciate it. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a firefighter suspended for rushing into a burning building
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to try to save a life. the selfless first responder fighting for his career. his attorney and top union officials say punishing a hero send the wrong message and they join us live next. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier
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to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. >> sort of firefighter facing suspension after attempting to save a woman stuck in her burning home. captain daniel thomas risked his life to save 95-year-old from all those, even though his commander told him not to enter the building, he did not survive but was able to get her out. he is appealing his suspension in joining me to discuss,
1:51 am
president of the atlanta firefighters union, thank you for joining us, appreciate it this morning. anyone listening to this, i read about the story, this makes no sense at all, he ran into a burning building, he is a hero, tried to save this woman's life but you have his commander filing a complaint against him and he will be suspended for four days and able to return on february 19th it is that suspended without pay? >> suspension without pay and for those four shifts, city of atlanta citizens are less safe. heather: i want to get your response to this. a vote, you entered the structure without your crewmembers which is immediate conflict with no freelancing, accountability and maintaining crew integrity.
1:52 am
your actions were in violation of the directive. what happened with some other team members were not fully dressed and able to enter the burning structure at the time. >> when captains wire and his crew arrived, they were engaging the house fire. there was engine company 22 preparing to put a hose line into the building and the incident commander at the time, captains wire's assignment, the primary search, acknowledged as primary search and entered the building with engine 22. there are three firefighters in the house fire rescuing the homeowner. >> 95 years old.
1:53 am
where does this stand now? as of tomorrow he will be suspended? >> from yesterday he was not ordered out of the building, they were put on primary search. his job was to search for people. it has been said he went in alone, two others and miss ryan, he was able to see the smoke and equipment and training of the firefighters received in atlanta and made a split-second decision that has been judged for months now and that is not what we are supposed to do with firefighters, we are supposed to trust them to make decisions on the ground to save people who rely on them. >> what does it say to other firefighters making split-second decisions. will make them more hesitant? we are almost out of time? >> the firefighters are going to uphold their oath and when
1:54 am
called to duty they will put the citizens first and respond appropriately. citizens in the city of atlanta rest assured firefighters would come to them like captain dwyer did that night. >> that is what we want to hear. please thank captain dwyer for his service. >> we will pass that along. heather: we will be right back. quickbooks for me. (live bookkeeper) okay, you're all set up. (sensei) thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. from the international fellowship of christians and jews. - right now in the former soviet union, there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water. they're cold, hungry, and sick,
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heather: one of donald trump's longest serving aids is returning to the white house, hope hicks is expected to serve as counselor to the president working with jared kushner, served as head of communications for the fox corporation, she left the white house in 2008 amid the russia probe. alexandria ocasio cortez following the footsteps of nancy pelosi. the democratic socialist will be a guest judge on drag race. >> down with aoc. >> i am alexandria ocasio cortez and i pledge allegiance to the draft. heather: season 12 premieres december 20 eighth.
1:59 am
it is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. valentine's day edition. nursing home residents in wisconsin giving relationship advice. the message is written on dry erase boards. be faithful, she should be the one and only. treat everyone like you want to be treated and alan says never go to bed angry. that is a good one. the bad. a pup is in the doghouse after swallowing her owner's engagement ring. you see the veterinarian's x-ray, the ring stuck in pepper's to make. it was removed from her belly and returned to her owner. i love you, please don't get the coronavirus. that is what these bouquets say in the philippines from a florist catching in on that health crisis by adding sanitizer, toothpaste, mask, and
2:00 am
gloves to flower arrangements. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great weekend and happy valentine's day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> public statements and tweets made about the department make it impossible for me to do my job. rob: friday february 14th. william barr's blowout, sounding off on donald trump's tweets on his doj. >> reporter: follow roger stone's sentencing reachedes a new level. the left's push for a probe on political interference. >> get nevada to south carolina. rob: joe biden attempts to tread water in the 2020 race, a message is being sent loud and clear. jillian: the effort to push biden out and the party pushes back on bernie sanders's early le


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